Nursery Field Grown & Container

You want the best for your nursery and that includes the best Nursery Crop Insurance policy the industry has to offer. In the past few years, there have been many grower-friendly changes to the nursery policy and as a nursery you deserve an agency that will explain these changes and how they affect you. At Stallings Crop Insurance, we take pride in our comprehensive knowledge of the nursery policy and how it applies to your individual nursery operation.
Here is a general overview of the latest Nursery Crop Insurance policy:

A business enterprise deriving at least 50% of its gross income from the marketing of wholesale plants.

Crop Insured
The crop insured will be all nursery plants and plant types in each practice (field-grown or container) listed on the eligible price list for your area in which you have a share that you elect to insure.

Container grown and field grown are considered separate insurance practices. Each practice can be further divided into distinct basic units by plant type.

Nursery Growers Price
Endorsement (NGPE)
NGPE permits nursery growers who purchase buy-up coverage to insure specific plants at prices higher than those shown on the eligible plant list/plant price schedule.

Insured Causes of Loss
Adverse weather conditions; fire (provided weeds and undergrowth are controlled); wildlife; earthquake; volcanic eruption. If due to an insurable cause of loss, the following is covered. Failure of or reduction in power supply; failure of irrigation water supply; a loss in values because of an inability to market the plants; collapse or failure of buildings or structures.

Important Dates
Billing March 1
Cancellation and Termination May 31
Sales Closing May 1 Counties Available
The Nursery Crop Insurance policy is available in all states.

Peak Inventory
The peak inventory endorsement allows growers to cover temporary increases in inventory without paying a full year’s premium.
Catastrophic Coverage
Catastrophic (CAT) coverage is available at the 50 percent coverage level and 55 percent of maximum price election.

Buy-Up Coverage
The policy provides protection for up to 75 percent of the value of nursery inventories.

Rehabilitation Endorsement
The rehabilitation endorsement is only applicable to field grown plants damaged by an insured cause of loss. Rehabilitation costs are limited to expenditures for labor and materials for pruning and setup (righting, propping, and staking).

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