Whole-Farm Revenue Protection

One of the newest and most widely available policies throughout the country is Whole-Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP). This policy insures against a drop in total gross income for a growing, farming, and/or ranching operation. This can provide a significant safety net for operations that have not previously had any type of crop insurance coverage available. This insurance plan is tailored for any farm with up to $8.5 million in insured revenue, including farms with specialty or organic commodities (both crops and livestock), or those marketing to local, regional, farm-identity preserved, specialty, or direct markets.

Highlights of WFRP:
  • All agricultural commodities generating income for the entity on the grower’s Schedule F federal tax document must be included for coverage.
  • The liability limit for this program is $8.5 million per entity.
  • Nursery and Greenhouse products are limited to $1 million of the revenue mix per entity.
  • Animal or animal products are limited to $1 million of the revenue mix per entity.
  • Replant payments are available if not already covered by an underlying MPCI crop policy.
  • Other MPCI policies may continue coverage alongside the WFRP policy.
  • WFRP is targeted to growers of products both included and excluded from traditional MPCI crop products.
  • Premium discounts are commensurate with commodities insured by entity.
  • Potatoes may not be insured as a single commodity.
  • Growers may provide their adjusted gross revenue on either a fiscal or calendar year basis.
  • Growers who currently do not have MPCI crop insurance available now have a plan of protection for all agricultural commodities.
Read more about Whole-Farm or give us a call to learn how this policy could benefit your growing operation!